I keep getting the following error when I try to log into the EMS; “USERNAME NOT FOUND”.

Verify that your email address on file matches the email you are singing in with. Double check the spelling of your username/email address. Also make sure there are no spaces in from of either Username or Password.

How do I reset my password?

You can reset your password by clicking on the Change Password link below your name when logged in to the EMS. Otherwise you can select Forgot My Password from the log in page.

Why do I keep receiving requests for classes on dates I am not available?

Education coordinators utilize the educator calendar in your MY ACCOUNTS tab to check availability to teach classes. If you do not have dates blocked off on your calendar, you will appear as available for requests.

To block dates from your calendar, please make sure to click the date on the calendar, full day, half day (AM or PM) and specify a reason. Instructions can be located on the My Accounts page.

The preferred dates don’t work with my schedule. Can I change them?

In most cases, the preferred dates are flexible. If you are not able to coordinate a date for the request enter information in the notes and DENY, the request.

How do I know if I was requested for a class? How do I know if the class was scheduled?

Artists receive emails from the EMS when they are requested. Each step of the request process has different email notifications. Also, make sure you are logging in on a consistent basis to check the internal notes of the request. There may be some important information that was not generated in the email. Internal notes do NOT leave the system

My request is scheduled, and I need to change the date and/or time.

Contact your manager as soon as possible. Any revisions to scheduled classes need to be handle promptly with your manager.

When entering a request; Why is the course not showing up available?

Courses will only be available if location type (salon, store, etc.) and/or any applicable course requirements match. Any course questions should be brought to your manager.

Why is the Educator not showing up when creating a request?

Educators will only show up if they are qualified to instruct the course format. Languages can also limit what educator shows as an option.


I can’t find my Expense form in the EMS;

Expenses do not populate until the request is in the Completed status. Once a request is completed or late cancelled the expense will be on the Dashboard and in your Expenses tab.

I am having problems getting receipts to attach to expense form;

Expense files need to be attached one at a time and are limited to 60MB max. Once you save your expense; a thumbnail of your receipts will display to confirm they are successfully uploaded.

I need travel for my upcoming class. What should I do?

Follow your educator travel policy. Distance, timeframes and transportation needs to be considered and approved according to policies.

I have an address, phone number or email change. How do I change this information?

You can send any update information to your education manager. They will make the needed revisions to your account.


HELP information is located on pages and at certain points throughout the EMS.