Web-Responsive Design

The website is clean and easy to navigate—the first thing you’ll see as you make your requests is a list of available, eligible artists. Reporting is also quick and painless with in-depth information that’s easy to filter, customize and save. Go mobile! Requesting or editing a class can be done on your cell phone, with all required information showing up on one page!


Your first view on the new Premier EMS website will show you pending requests, evaluations and expenses that need your attention all to keep you focused and productive! And speaking of evaluations and expenses…


Follow up with each class to get feedback on class formats, artists and products. The new EMS site offers fully customizable evaluations to get the data to track Premier’s education impact with stylists and sales.


Artists’ expense information will now be tied directly to the classes they teach, allowing sales consultants to track expenses and costs for educational events in one quick, easy-to-navigate section. Track your budgets and costs wherever you are, down to the smallest detail.


Keep everyone on the same page with customizable emails. This way, artists will be emailed the event’s location and contact information and Premier sales and education team members will be notified of request status changes, when expenses are ready to be approved and when evaluations are ready to be viewed.


Keeping the education request and booking process simple helps keep our focus on the salons and stylists, motivating them to be creative and successful. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions!

For questions or booking support, please contact:

DNoyes@pbsupply.com – Education Manager